Our President

KoiEles Lomas Spurlock serves as the 2020 President of the J.L. Turner Legal Association (JLTLA). She is a native of Gonzales, Louisiana. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from Southern University Baton Rouge, and a J.D. from the University of Tennessee College of Law. In 2018, she also received an M.S. in Government Contracts and Certificate in Project Management from the George Washington University.

Koi previously managed Surgical Services contracts for Parkland Health & Hospital System, and currently works in Contracts for Lockheed Martin Corporation. For two years she served as both the JLTLA Social Media Chair and the Board Liaison to DAYL. She also served as Treasurer for the African American Lawyers Section of the State Bar of Texas, member of the Dallas County DA Citizens Advisory Board, and General Counsel for the National Organization of Black County Officials. Koi is an active member of the Dallas Bar and the Dallas Chapter of the Southern University Young Alumni Network. She enjoys reading, traveling, attending concerts, and spending time with her family & friends.

For additional information about J.L. Turner Legal Association, please email jltlapresident@gmail.com.


Greetings! Founded in 1952 and originally named the Barrister’s Club, the J.L. Turner Legal Association was formed by a group of African American attorneys practicing in Dallas County who were not permitted to join the Dallas Bar Association due to race. The efforts of the founding members have culminated in a premiere organization of which we can all be proud. We are grateful and forever indebted to those brave few and the many distinguished leaders who followed. For the past 67 years, this organization has provided support, fellowship, and mentorship for African American attorneys, students, and community members.

As President of this organization, I take pride in its illustrious history, and I am honored to join an esteemed group of leaders. The J.L. Turner Legal Association is a force of knowledge, resilience, and endurance. As we embark upon increasingly uncertain times, we will do so with a sense of clarity and purpose. We must remain steadfast in our goals of continued growth and expansion. We have weathered the test of time and external forces that sought to exclude us from progress and success. It is with that in mind that I am committed to working diligently to further our goals and help manifest our vision. Thank you for the opportunity. May our efforts speak for themselves.

At Your Service,